At Cover In A Week we have one simple goal: To uncover the best unsigned artists and producers in the world. We’re run by longtime music industry executives, and have partnered with major and independent music companies to find new artists and reinvigorate their catalogues. We see Cover In A Week as a win/win/win: Musicians get noticed, publishers get to reinvigorate their songs and labels find great artists.

Each week, we feature a new song and invite you to create and upload your unique version. You always retain 100% ownership of your recording, and all we ask is for the right to license your recording for distribution on downloading and streaming services, and to do our best to get it placed in a film,  or TV show or commercial.

Any revenue we generate from any source will be split with you 50/50, and we’ll manage all the administration, finance, legal and marketing.


  • Only upload a version if you are unsigned and have full control of your recording rights
  • Make sure your cover is not a direct copy of any previously released recordings, is not contentious or offensive, that it doesn’t include any samples or other recordings, and does not significantly change the lyrics or the vocal melody of the original composition.
  • Do not upload your recording/video anywhere else for a minimum 60 days. During this time, we have the right to sign your recording to a 3 year exclusive license (remember, you still keep 100% ownership and we share any generated revenue with you)
  • Most importantly, try and have a bit of fun!

Please feel free to contact us anytime at with questions, thoughts, comments or concerns, and we look forward to hearing your take on some of the best, weirdest and most popular songs ever written.

- The CIAW Team