Cover In A Week (CIAW) Frequently Asked Questions:

Must I be unsigned to enter?

Yes, unless you get permission from your label and submit the Record Company Consent form.

I am under 18.  Can I Enter?

Yes, but you must get permission from your parents or legal guardian and submit the Guardian’s Consent Form.

Can I enter a sound-alike recording?

Your version must be a unique and original arrangement – no “sound-a-likes” and no karaoke versions are allowed. For example, you should not create a cover that is trying to sound exactly the same as the original version by precisely mimicking the vocal performance and sound of each instrument. You can feel free to use the same notes, melodies, chords, lyrics and even instruments, but we encourage you to try and generate a version that could not possibly be confused with the original recording. For example, try turn the song into a different genre, musical arrangement or anything at all to give it your own unique flavor! It must not be contentious, offensive or contain samples of other copyrighted recordings. Parodies and adaptations are not allowed.

Can I make an instrumental version?

Yes, but please add the word “Instrumental” after the title

Is there a deadline for me to enter?

Your entry should be uploaded before the time indicated on the upload page..  However, at our discretion we may decide to keep entries open after time has expired: Any time you see the upload form on the featured song page, you are free to go ahead and upload your cover!

How does my entry get onto the YouTube CIAW channel?

When you submit the upload form, your file will be automatically be uploaded to our YouTube channel and added to a playlist with other entries for the same song.

How will I know if my video is accepted?

Within 7 days of making your upload, check the relevant CIAW Featured Challenge page, or the CIAW YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2S6tRVIQkOKWq2_iV91ekw?

Please remember that we reserve the right to refuse or remove any submitted video at any time.

Do I have to include a performance in my video?

No – your video can include a performance or still images, the title or lyrics

What if I want to enter a recording but don’t want to make a video?

You can choose to submit an audio only recording instead of making a video. Please note that the audio recording will not appear on our YouTube channel, but it will be reviewed by our A&R team to see if we would like to include it in our streaming & download playlists and/or our sync site.

Can I upload my video or recording anywhere else?

If you submit a cover/video to CIAW, you CANNOT upload the same video or recording to ANY other site for a minimum of 60 days after the end of the current week. By submitting your video/recording you grant CIAW the option, within 60 days of your successful upload, to accept your recording or video for distribution on our CIAW streaming playlists, download compilations, CD compilations or synch licensing site. Those distribution rights will be exclusive to CIAW for that one video/recording only for a period of 3 years from release. See Option Agreement.

Who owns my video & recording?

You retain ownership of your Uploaded Materials, but if we exercise our option within 60 days, you are agreeing to a 3 year exclusive license agreement that enables us to exploit your video and/or recording. If your cover has been accepted for licensing, we will email you with confirmation.

Can I share my video on my social media pages?

If your video appears on the CIAW YouTube channel, you may freely copy and post the link to that video anywhere you like, including your own website, any social media site etc, and share as much as you want. The idea is to get as many views and likes of your video as possible.

What will I earn?

We cannot guarantee what amount you will earn, but if we exercise the option to license your entry, we will pay you a royalty of 50% of Cover in a Week’s net receipts. (See definition in the agreement).