Summary of the main legal points contained in the CIAW agreement:

  • Your version must be a unique and original arrangement - no “sound-a-likes".
  • It must not be contentious, offensive or contain samples of other copyrighted recordings.  Parodies and adaptations not allowed.
  • It must not contain samples of other copyrighted recordings.
  • If you submit a cover/video to CIAW, you CANNOT upload the same video or recording to ANY other site for a minimum of 60 days after you submit your entry.
  • If accepted, your video will be uploaded to our CIAW YouTube channel. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any submitted video at any time.
  • If your video appears on the CIAW YouTube channel, you may freely copy and post the link to that video anywhere you like, including your own website, any social media site etc, and share as much as you want. The idea is to get as many views and likes of your video as possible.
  • By submitting your video/cover you grant Coverinaweek the option, within 60 days of the completion of each week, to accept your recording or video for distribution on our Coverinaweek streaming playlists, download compilations, CD compilations or synch licensing site. Such distribution rights will be exclusive to CIAW for a period of 3 years from release, whereafter it can be terminated by giving CIAW 90 days written notice. Any licenses granted by CIAW prior to such termination shall remain in force until expiration of the term of that license.
  • You will receive the following license royalties:
  • Fifty percent (50%) of CIAW Net Receipts (as defined below)
  • If your cover has been accepted for licensing, we will email you with confirmation.

[Link to complete licensing agreement will go here].