Cover in a Week is a division of Split Sounds Pty Ltd.

With CIAW, we are aiming to connect the dots between unsigned artists and music publishers representing the greatest songwriters in the world. Movie & TV producers and advertising agencies are continually looking for unique & interesting versions of great songs, and getting such a "sync" placement for a song can help establish an aspiring artist's career.

Hilton is a 40-year industry veteran, having run music companies in the USA, Australia & South Africa and producing platinum selling albums.  He helped Paul Simon put his Grammy winning Graceland album together, and among others, produced Harry Belafonte & all Johnny Clegg's Juluka & Savuka albums. He also worked with Hans Zimmer on The Power of One movie soundtrack. In the '90's, Hilton's LA based Rhythm Safari label signings included Carole King, Foreigner, Christopher Cross & REO Speedwagon.  

Split Sounds has partnered with Sony owned The Orchard for distribution of selected Cover in a Week versions to be included in streaming and download playlists, as well as to be pitched for potential “sync” licenses.

We will also be working with each of the publishers to pitch selected versions for potential “sync” licenses.